Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where do I begin?!?!

Playing a bit of blogger catch up today!

I'll begin with the big news of the four year old lost his first tooth! It seems so young to me and very strange, but my brother-in-law, who happens to be a periodontist, insists that it's okay. His other front tooth is loose too, so he will surely have a big window in his mouth soon! His speech has already changed a bit and he's excited, and I quote, "I won't have to brush my teeth anymore!" Don't worry, I explained to him that he just won't have to brush that tooth anymore!

It was my birthday on Monday and my cute husband brought home this cheesecake with Happy Birthday written in Korean! The local grocery store was happy to print it on the cake as long as "it doesn't have any swear words!" My husband assured them and explained, "My wife is Korean." :)

It's been a little crazy with schedules around here lately as my husband started a new semester at school and the kids are used to seeing him throughout the day. So I've been coming up with some "extracuricular" activities to keep them a bit more occupied lately. Here, they decided to lay together and watch 'Up' and Zoey insisted I get her pillow and blanket just like big brother! Mind you, she only stayed put long enough for me to take this picture, but it was important that she had all the same treatment as Braedan! By the way, this was 10 o'clock in the morning!

And the temperature changes have been record breaking for this part of Texas lately and our pool froze (well, at least the surface did)! This is Danny's hand pushing on the pool surface which was frozen solid!

And with the colder weather it warranted my kids actually dressing warmly and I had fun playing a bit of dress up with Miss Zoey and these adorable hats! Thanks Little Lesiw and BriarClaire!

So that about sums it all up for the week...the kids have been battling some illness...Braedan with a pretty wicked cough and Zoey still fighting her double ear infection. She's now had two of three antibiotic injections and we will go see the ENT next week. She will probably end up with tubes in her ears. At this point, we'll do anything to get rid of this infection that has now been with her for three months. But we're fortunate that everything else, we can say is going okay!


  1. Such sweet cute kids you the pj pic of them together. Also what a sweet thoughtful hubby...cake looks very yummy!


    Did I say that loud enough, lol! Our little bean had his first set in at 24 months, and WOW did our lives ever change! The actual procedure is very short (scary that they have to go under anesthesia, but very quick!).

    Little bean is actually on his 4th set, but they are quite amazing. He sleeps. All night. And has no more ear infections! Something we didn't get to experience his two first years.

    So, so worth it my friend. Email me is you want any more info. :)

    I'll end this novel now!!!