Monday, January 11, 2010

28 years ago today...

a woman gave birth to a baby girl she knew she wouldn't be able to keep. And for that decision alone, I am eternally grateful. Never before on a birthday have I thought of her. Not until I celebrated this birthday with my children, one of which has a woman in her life who made the very same decision. Whether it has been a year and a half or twenty eight, I doubt that day is very distant in either of their minds. Today my birthday wish is for that woman, my birth mother, to be at peace, and know that I am thinking of her. I may never have the chance to meet her in this lifetime, but I will always keep her in my heart. No matter what her circumstances or place in life, she made the decision best for me so that I could be where I am today, celebrating this, my 28th birthday, with my husband, son and daughter. My appreciation for her has reached an entirely new level, as I am now a mother of a little girl, whose life was also forever changed because of a selfless act of another woman like her. No birthday will ever be the same from here on out, in a very good way, as I will always remember her on this day, knowing that somewhere in the world, she too, is celebrating right along with me.

Saengil Chukha Hamnida My Kyung!


  1. Happy Birthday! That post was beautiful!

  2. You gave me goosebumps, Kim. What a special connection for you and Zoe to share. She is so very lucky to have you as her Momma. :)
    Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday and such a sweet post!

  4. Just beautiful... it made me teary. Happy birthday (late)! I'm glad we've "met" and that you are one of my friends. :)