Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

Our new shop is OPEN for business!!

After many weeks of trips to the fabric store, phone calls and emails, my sister Tara and I are finally ready to unveil our new Etsy store!! We do, afterall, live in two different states! But we are so pleased with the results and hope you'll enjoy our stuff!

It is appropriately called Lil' Birdz. Bird being my niece's nickname since she was a baby and of course, the Lil' and "z" are for my very own Zoey!

So, head on over and check it out!! And why don't you pick up some stuff for your lil' birdz!

Lil' Birdz Etsy Shop


  1. LOVE it!!! When we recover from Christmas debt--haha maybe I can order a few things!

  2. Can't wait to watch your shop and order more cute stuff in the future!

  3. I love your new store, you really have cute things and I especially like the hair cute! Good luck with it...