Monday, January 4, 2010

Celebrating Seven Years of Marriage!

The number of vacations we have been on in our entire marriage!! Sad, but true! And it was our honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico! We have never been on a family vacation!

The number of kids we always said we wanted and now we have!

The number of houses we have owned. Two we flipped and lived in for less than a year. The third, we built a year and a half ago and plan to stay for a while!

Here's a little before and after at our second flip...we did all the work ourselves!

The number of years we dated before getting married. We were high school sweethearts who started dating when we were juniors and were married three years after high school! Here we are at graduation, class of 2000! Our 10 year reunion is this year!

The number of pieces of furniture currently in our home that my amazing husband built! I'm actually surprised it's not more, he's just so handy!! They include an entertainment center, end tables, night stands, TV stand and this beautiful bench he built pictured below! I am one lucky gal! Eat your heart out Pottery Barn!

The number of vehicles we have owned between the two of us in the last seven years! Crazy, I know, we're kind of car people and like to trade in often!!

They consisted of:
Dodge Ram
Honda Civic
Nissan Pathfinder
Honda Accord
Dodge Durango
Honda Pilot

Number of times we have moved in seven years!! Between Danny playing pro ball and flipping houses, we moved A LOT!! It is so nice to finally be settled in one place for a while! Especially I come from a military family who has lived all over the world! Thankfully, we do not have one picture of us moving! That is definetly something I want to forget!

And this beautiful picture is of the Mission Concepcion where we were married seven years ago. It is not far from our home, but last year on our anniversary was the first time we'd been back since the wedding and I must say, it is still that awesome looking!

Here's to many, many more years of marriage with my wonderful hubby!

And one to grow on....EIGHT...the number of hours it felt like it took me to blog this post!! It was a lot of work finding these pictures and thinking up these events!!!! Fortunately, my hubby helped!!


  1. Such an adorable post!! Congrats on 7 years!!

  2. Congrats! Reading your post was like reading about my life :) We were married seven years in June. I'm the class of 2000, too. Crazy....10 years. Can you believe it!?!?!?
    We've also moved almost as many years as we've been married but for different reasons. We're finally in our "stay put" house but PJ keeps talking about our next house since all he's ever known is moving :/
    Btw, your husband should go into business. That furniture is amazing!


  3. LOVE this post! Love the cake smooshy wedding photo! Love you guys horseback riding in the ocean! And hot diggity....your husband is a talented carpenter! Beautiful work he does! :)

  4. Very cute post. And at least you had a honeymoon! What is that anyway???

  5. what a great post. thanks for sharing your wonderful memories.

  6. Beautiful couple!!! Congratulations!