Friday, September 16, 2011

Lion King 3D and a dark hotel room.

I am sitting in a dark hotel room as I post this waiting for my kiddos to fall asleep! My least favorite part about all staying in a hotel room together! Danny pulled the short straw and is cuddled up next to Zoey and I clearly got the 'easy' sleeper, Braedan, next to me! Zoey likes to thrash and toss and turn and wake up in the middle of the night to yell at you for 'squishing' her! I got to sleep with her last time we were out of town, so...

Well, we decided to see Lion King in 3D at a local mall and it.was.awesome!

First, let me say that the ticks were not cheap. As in mama had to make a few extra sales not cheap! But totally worth it. We sat in super big and cushy chairs with a table attached for you to eat your dinner! You simply pushed a button and a waitor would appear and bring you anything from their scrumptious menu! I had fish and chips while I watched the movie! How awesome is that?!?!? The kids enjoyed their pizza and Danny had a brisket quesadilla...not your typical movie food and you didn't have to stand in line to get it either! *excuse the flash cell phone pics!*

I had not seen Lion King in forever and I forgot just how much I LOVE that movie!! We own everything but that movie for some reason, but it's definitely on our Christmas list now!

So where are we?!?!?

Well, we are in Dallas! Tomorrow morning we are heading to the airport to greet the Jesse family and their new baby girl!! You might remember the Jesse's as we have met them on several occasions and their Henry, who is also adopted from Korea, is just three days younger than his future wife, Zoey. :) And boy are we thrilled they'll be bringing home their new daughter, Anna, aka Braedan's wife. :0) Yes, we believe in arranged marriages!

No, all kidding aside, I must admit I am quite excited. This is actually the first airport homecoming I've been to that didn't involve my family and how could seeing a family brought together thru adoption possibly be boring?!?!? We are so thrilled for their now family of four and of course, we hope that our family is inviting them to our airport homecoming soon!

And did I mention how many times we were able to use the word bihaeng-gi today?!?! (which, thanks to all my bloggy friends, we're making sure to pronounce as 'bee-heng-gee'!!)

So off to bed rest up for the early morning greeting...

Hakuna matata!


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