Monday, September 12, 2011


A big THANK YOU to Mrs. Lee for sending Seon-Mi these adorable clothes all the way from Korea! (And thanks MaryAnn for dropping them off at our house!)

When I went to pick up Zoey, I had the pleasure to travel at the same time as a family that I met through our agency. Their son had an absolutely lovely and very kind foster mother, who I believe had fostered several children thru Holt, I want to say Rai was her 17th? (click on Rai's name to see him opening the box!) It was an amazing number, she was is an amazing woman, and she was so hospitable and invited me to tag along on several outings with MaryAnn, Aaron and Rai. I know that she checks my blog from time to time, so I hope this all translates for her! We love the clothes, Zoey is doing well, and we appreciate you thinking of us!

And Happy Chuseok 추석 to all! (Yet another excuse to eat yummy Korean food!

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  1. How do you get the Korean characters on your blog? We are adopting again from Korea and I would love to incorporate some Korean into my blog entries when appropriate. My blog is if you'd like to leave a comment there or you can e-mail my blogger e-mail. Hoping for good news for your family with Emersyn's EP!!