Friday, September 23, 2011

4 new words and hoping for some news.

Our four new Korean words today are thank you, eat, no and yes! All good words to know, and thankfully ones I knew, but am teaching to my kids. :)

thank you is pronounced 'Gam Sa Ham Ni Da'
food is 'mam ma'
no is 'ah-nee-oh'
and yes is 'nay'

(again, native speakers, help a girl out!)

My kids did really well, especially Braedan, with the first two words!

I really think it would be quite cute to see my three kiddos communicating in Korean. ;)

So, we'll be working on these 4 new words this week!

Getting a bit restless these last few weeks with no news from our agency...hoping for at least a WBC {well baby checkup} this month for Em and maybe a few pics with her care package we sent with the J Family!

Trying our hardest to stay positive and focus on the end result as a family of five. But boy, adoption is not for the weak! At this point in Zoey's process, we were getting ready to travel!

But we know it's all in God's timing and we are hanging in there for now!

Hopefully, this picture of Em is her writing a little email to the Korean government to 'please get me home'!!!!


  1. Hi Kim, Thank you in Korean is pronounced as Gam Sa Ham Ni Da. Mama is not eat but a baby word for food and pronounced as Mam Ma. Sanna

  2. The word no will come in handy I am sure.