Wednesday, September 7, 2011

July Birthdays!

Before Zoey, there weren't any July birthdays in our immediate family to celebrate and now we have two!

Emersyn's first birthday was July 15 and what a weird day was that for me emotionally. I've never 'missed' one of my kids birthdays before and and though I knew from referral that we would, the day was still very bittersweet. I am thrilled beyond belief that she got to celebrate her Tol in Korea and hope there are lots of pics to document it! But of course, we would much rather of been with her on her big, special day. We are thankful to be her family though and know we will have many more birthdays with her to celebrate! Since Zoey's birthday is just two weeks later, she was convinced Emersyn's party was hers! Not sure what she thought about having a pic of Emersyn's face on her cake, but she went with it!

Here's a recap of the day! My brother, sister-in-law and their three kiddos joined us for the celebration and turned out to be a fun little party. :) (click on the image to view it larger!)

Upper left hand pic: That was my super lame, yet 'worked in my head' idea! We are in a huge drought down here in Texas and I had bought flying paper lanterns (yes, like the ones in the moview Tangled!) to float into the sky in honor of my girl's bdays, but got shot down as they would start a forest fire with how dry the ground is! So, I thought floating a single candle in our pool would represent her first year nicely, and the wind was so strong, we couldn't get it to light! So I literally snapped that pic in the half second it stayed lit. :) But thanks to my brother for trying to help me pull it off!! Next year, next year...

Then, on July 31, Zoey turned THREE!! I can hardly believe it!

Zoey is VERY into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loves anything that has to do with it! So of course, it was all about him at her party! She had a blast, loved her party, loved her presents and loved that she is now able to tell people she is three!

Here's a couple pics from her big day! (click on the image to view it larger!)

I am now a proud, proud mama of a six year old, three year old and one year old!

Now if we could just all be living under one roof.....:0)

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