Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trip to the Beach Part I

Ah, we are finally out of our semi-comas and moving back in to semi-normal! I am literally keeping a spreadsheet for medications as all four of us are on 5-6 meds each!

We had a little scare with Zoey which put us in the ER, when she spiked a 106 fever and started vomiting. But all was well once they got the fever finally come down after an hour or so. Thankfully, no more high fevers like that since then and both kids are getting some much needed rest and sleeping through the night.

So thank you for all the prayers and thoughts, we are moving toward health again...hopefully! But we still expect several more days till we're 'out in public' healthy!

So a few weeks ago, my parents and us went to Galveston beach to spend the weekend at a time share we own there. Yes, it was unusually cold for Texas and we thought we may not get much beach time, but we had so much fun and Braedan talks about it non-stop still!

We were determined to let them play in the sand come rain or shine, and at about 40 or so degrees and a wind chill, we bundled up, but had some fun! The cold didn't seem to bother them at all, they were way to preoccupied with the sand!

I would so love to live on the beach!! My husband is obsessed with the beach and water and the sand and everything that goes with it, so I would not have a hard time convincing him at all! And I must say, though the temps were cool, it was much, much enjoyable than the 100 degree weather you get on those beaches in the summer! That, and there are no crowds!

And stuck in this house with the flu all week, these pictures are looking so appealing today!

It just doesn't get much better than this...I can still hear the waves. :0)

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  1. Goodness I'm so glad you are all feeling better and Zoey's fever has not returned!!!