Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day??????

Hmmm...happy wouldn't exactly be the word I used, but we'll go with that one for now!

Here's a how our day has gone so far...

After being in a semi-coma state all of Sunday, I awoke feeling slightly better, however both my kids were now sick. (and by better I mean my temp was no longer 104 and I could actually speak above a whisper without coughing till I puked.)


Did I mention Daddy was just starting to feel a bit better after his bout with this yucky stuff last week?


We got 9:15 appointments for kids, where Braedan tested positive for Influenza A and while Zoey tested negative, the dr just thinks it's just because we're a day early on her, and so, went ahead and prescribed Tamiflu for both. Did I mention this is why I love this doctor?!?!

So, after two hours at the ped's office, we make it to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, where, yup, they only had enough to fill one of the prescriptions, and then I also loaded up on $50 worth of OTC meds to keep us all alive.


So after 30+ minutes at that pharmacy, I come outside to a car that won't start. (Danny and the kids were waiting out there) We call a friend from work to come jump start it...didn't happen.

So after an hour plus in a parking lot with kids and fevers and no naps, Danny heads home with the friend from work to pick up our other car.

Oh, and did I mention all this time Zoey had a poopy diaper and we had no extra diapers?


When I go to roll up the windows in the dead car, they won't roll up. That's how dead the battery is. Knowing we can't leave the car unattended with the windows down, I take the kids home for meds and a little break, while Danny waits for a tow truck.


Danny and I have dr appointments about an hour later, so I am halfway there to pick him up, when he calls to say that the tow truck guy had better cables and the car started so pick him up at home. So we turned around and went to pick him up.


Drove to the dr for he and I, where, let me tell you, we've been going there for years and love the dr, but the nurses leave something to be desired! I test positive for both flu and a secondary infection, but he also tells me Danny has had it too long for the Tamiflu to do anything (and his fever had been gone for days), so no reason to see him. In and out in 15 minutes, now that's a part of my day I could be thankful for with both sleeping kids in the car!

Head to the second pharmacy to now fill both mine and B's prescriptions, which happens to also be a grocery store. And it's Valentine's Day.


Dropped of scrips and shopped for a few more 'my entire family has the flu' items, then stood in what I thought looked like the shortest line (there were no short lines) and got stuck behind the poor guy who gets charged for 10 red bell peppers instead of 1, so have to wait for a manager to override the void.


Did I mention managers don't come nearly as quickly on holidays?


So we finally made it home, where we can finally get the rest and much needed sleep we all need.

Danny has to run out for one last prescription pick up, but our goal is have the kids in bed by 7 and us at 8:30 at the latest.

Did I mention he didn't sleep one wink last night getting up 10+ times with our coughing feverish son whose mom was still in a coma?


Oh, did I also mention that my entire family was in town this past weekend for my mom's 60th birthday, where they all got exposed and one of my niece's has already tested positive?

Yah. We are spreading the love. Literally.

So, friends, Happy Valentine's Day! Hope yours went a lot better than ours!

Now I'm off to make our special Valentine's menu of chicken noodle soup and Tamiflu.

Romantic, right?!?!?!

Yah. Not so much.

But on a positive note (one that did not end up with flu results!)I can share these adorable pictures my friend Nikki took from Moxie Photography of my most handsome boy!

Wondering where Zoey is?

Well that's a good question!

The day we took these, she was wearing the most adorable dress and looking mighty cute! But refused, I mean refused to even get near that chair to let Nikki snap some pics of her! And even after Nikki and I thought we had bribed her to take some shots with a donut, she proceeded to take the donut and throw it at the chair!


So, that's why Valentine's Day pics 2011 will only be of Braedan. :0)

Please, oh please, let next year's Valentine's Day be better than this one!!


  1. So sorry! I hope you can laugh about it next year!

  2. Sooooo romantic!!!! NOT!!!!!!
    Bless your heart!!!! I hope everyone is feeling better FAST!!!!! :)

  3. Oh my! This about wraps up our flu experience 2 weeks ago! I am so sorry and will be praying for all of you!

  4. Ooohh mama-hopin' as I write this your family is all asleep and on their way to dreamless, prescription-induced sleep! Wishing you health and maybe a redo on the Valentines next Monday.