Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I know no matter where you live across the US, you are cold!!!

But us hot blooded people down here in Texas do not do cold!

See that temperature?!?!? Too cold! (and yes, my car has 101K miles!)

You should not leave your dog bowls outside in weather like this...

and you should remember to turn of your sprinklers!

I wish I had a picture of the house I saw this morning with the grass, sidewalk, driveway and car, covered in ice and nothing else around it!! It was pretty funny!

We also don't own winter coats, because we just never use them.

So we just layer on our hooded sweatshirts for warmth!

Tights and Crocs work too!

Layers and color, layers and color! That's what it's all about!

This is about as winter-ed out as we get!

My favorite is the rolling black outs we've been having throughout the day to conserve energy from all the heaters running! Again, heaters aren't usually on here in Texas! I actually do remember before having kids, my husband and I didn't use the heater the entire winter!

And yes, I do still have a son, but he's always at school when I have my camera out!

He stayed warm too! With this weather expected, they did an extra receses at school on Monday since the rest of the week, they have to stay inside. Good thinking!

Everyone stay warm and safe!

Off to drink the rest of my cider!


  1. We're in Oklahoma and we're freezing here!

    I have an off topic question. I'm wanting to make some t-shirts for my DD and for my son in Korea. Did you make your kids' t-shirts in your banner picture? And if so, where did you get the plain tees? I have an idea for a t-shirt but can't find plain tees anywhere. Thanks!

  2. Hi April! Email me at and I'll give you the info!! -Kim :0)

  3. not was 80 in orlando yesterday and today!!

  4. I don't do cold very well here in So. California either! Fortunately, it hasn't been too bad. I'm going to NY in a few weeks and not sure how I'm going to survive.