Monday, December 6, 2010


Saturday, I was craving me some Korean food!

But I wanted to make it quick and simple!

So I decided to make my normal recipe for yakimandu filling, but instead of putting it into small wonton wrappers, why not make them full size eggrolls?!?!

Why I didn't think of this before, I have not stinkin' idea! But it was genius! And oh so delicious!

Dip it in a little of our favorite sauce, which is equal parts soy and rice vinegar with a sprinkle of sugar to taste, some sliced scallions and sesame seeds, and wah-la! It's dinner!

But my craving wasn't fully satisfied, so I decided to pull out the kim-bap!

It's so easy and you can put just about anything it in you want!

I use toasted seaweed, sticky rice mixed with a little rice vinegar and sesame oil while it's still warm (this does something to the rice to keep it nice and sticky, but also firm, not mushy) and this time I used carrot, cucumber, pickled radish and bulgogi meat.

Roll it all up with a sushi roller, slice it and dip it in that same sauce!

I cannot stop thinking about it! It was so yummy!

(And I love both of these cold the day for breakfast! Yes, breakfast. Yes, cold!)

However, note to self (and you other kimchi makers)...I have been making my own kimchi for a while now and have found the combination of the ingredients I really like in it. I wanted to make some to go with this meal, but after not being able to find an ingredient I normally use at the market, I picked up some kimchi base in a jar.

No. Not a good idea. It was horrible!! And tasted mostly like fish and sugar, which is not a good combination in any recipe!

So, let this be a not make kimchi with sauce out of a jar! Even if it came from the Korean market!!


  1. Those look incredible! I think I will have to come have dinner at your house. And maybe take a couple cooking lessons from you, too. :)

  2. i just had dinner but i am so drooling over those pictures!