Sunday, December 5, 2010

The hangul dress and the new blog.

So you may notice the blog going through a bit of a's a slow but steady process! I've still got a few kinks to get out and a new photo banner to add, but eventually it will all come together, so bear with the bit of the mess that it is right now!

And then on to the Hangul dress...a while back a fellow adoptive mom found this awesome fabric and I got in on some. It's been sitting in my fabric bin for months till last week when I decided it would look great as a little black dress of sorts! I must say my little girl totally rocked it!

Only problem is...I have absolutely no idea if it's right side up, upside down, sideways, or backwards! So I apologize to all the Korean readers if it's not right!! (Namely a few foster moms that I know check our blog!)

It's still cute either way and my girl looked stunning in it!

And you may notice the new 'watermark' on my I'm not opening a photography business, and no, my real name is not Kim Park!

In fact, I hate it when people assume my name is just 'Kim'! It's not!! It's KIMBERLY!! (I seriously think people think it's just Kim because I'm Asian!) I don't mind being called Kim, just don't call me Kimmie. :0)

But I do try to keep our last name off the blog for privacy sake, and when coming up with a catchy name for my photographs, decided on Kim Park...Kim being how you pronounce Zoey's Korean last name, and Park being my Korean last name.

It's just a way to keep track of the pics I take and so no one else 'uses' them for personal use! So there you have it...


  1. Hi Kimberly,

    I am an overseas Korean and have been enjoying your blog for some time in silence as I never have anything worth saying. Today I have! Yes the Korean is upside down but it doesn't matter. The dress still looks lovely. Also I can not see them clearly but most of them look like very old form of Korean (used like 100 years ago) that we do not use nowadays mixed with some Chinese characters. You have beautiful children and thanks for sharing moments of your lives. Sanna from Hong Kong

  2. I LOVE your daughters dress. Do you know if the fabric is still available anywhere? I would love to buy some.

  3. Sanna,

    Thank you for checking in!! And thank you for informing me!! :0) I will now use that as a marker for whatever else I decide to make out of that fabric!! I was told it was ancient hangul, so what you said makes perfect sense! I love seeing where my blog is being checked throughout the world, thank you for being a loyal follower!

    Kim :0)

  4. And to the second commenter...thank you! I bought the fabric from a friend, so I'll be happy to check into it and try and find out for you!

  5. So you you aren't happy that your brother calls you Kimmie all the time, huh? ;)

    I do know that your name is Kimberly, but just call you Kim, b/c that is what I have heard from everyone else. If you would prefer, I will work hard to say Kimberly, though. (I think I can do it, I think I can.)

    And the dress is so cute and Zoey is absolutely adorable!!!!

  6. i've been lovin' the new look of the blog and seriously think you just may need to go into the photography business as your photos have just been off the charts amazing lately!
    and gosh, i just can't say enough about that dress and headband ensemble. ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Another overseas, silent follower here :) Mum to a beautiful Korean princess also, and I MUST know where your friend got that fabric from??

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric but did also notice it's upside down. oh well. with the rate zoey moves no one will have a chance to notice :)

    and i'm waay jealous of the korean food you made the other day :)

  9. LOVE the dress so much! If you are making any more- let us all know! :)
    And I want to know how you got the drop down menu links up at the top of the blog. I tried doing that so many times and could not ever figure it out. It looks great!

  10. the dress is absolutely beautiful regardless of whatever direction the letters are facing!