Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Little (well, big) Preschool Grad!

Last week was Braedan's last day in preschool. Next year, he will be in kindergarten! Can't even begin to think about that yet! It makes me cry! But here he is with his fabulous teacher, Ms. Martha.

Braedan started at this preschool two years ago at the suggestion of our pediatrician because he was struggling with some of his social skills and would become very nervous and anxious around adults and other children. He was, afterall, with adults the majority of the time and he had trouble knowing how to interact with his peers and their parents.

After a few rough days of realizing I was actually going to leave him at school for two days a week, he did a complete 180 and became quite outgoing and easy to interact with. It made all the difference! He has learned so much and is more than ready to start kinder next year. He loves going to school and can't wait to go to the "big" school next year!

He is still working on his slight (and by slight, I mean large!) fear of water in his face! His big "crab" floatie that he is usually glued to in the pool just "died" this past weekend and we now use a "shark" floatie that is much more focused on him actually learning to swim, rather than just float and keep his head above the water. His swimming improved instantly and he even dipped his head under a few times without crying hysterically, which for him, is a big feat!

So today, we were discussing his next birthday. (Yes, only about four weeks since his 5th birthday, he's already asking when his next one is!) He did some "calculations" and realized he would six next year! Then, seven, then eight. In our church, you are baptized when you turn eight years old and he recalled this from an earlier discussion.

B:"I don't want to turn eight Mommy!"

Me:"Why not?"

B:"That's when you get baptized!"

Me:"You don't want to get baptized?"

B:"Yes, but I don't want to drown! You have to put your face in the water!"

Seems like we have a little more work to do. :)


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