Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Perfect weather for a weekend full of swimming! This blog has been such a great way to document everything in our lives and it's so easy to look back this time last year and see what we were doing as we had only been a family of four about a month!

I wrote this post last year Memorial Day and avoided the camera while in a bathing suit then, and did the same this year! Maybe next year?!?!?!

Took this same shot this year (see last year's post to compare!) and what a difference a year has made!

As a daughter of a veteran of the Gulf War who is alive and well, we can only be grateful for the brave men and women bravely serving our country. May we always remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to give us our freedom.


  1. Happy Memorial Day! Beautiful pictures! Thanks to your Dad and your family for his (all of your) service to our country!

  2. Love the then/now flashbacks; amazing what a year can bring! And those goggles of hers...the only word is jammin'!