Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WordFUL Wednesday!

Several days ago, Zoey decided she outgrew her baby float in the pool and wanted to venture out on her own. There's a step in our shallow end that she can stand up on, so we thought she'd be fine. Oh no! She had a plan of her own! She was literally jumping off the step into three foot high water and not looking back! We obviously had to watch her like a hawk as she would go under quick, but she would get right back up and push our hands away to do it all over again! So I did some shopping and lucky for me, she obliged by wearing her "big girl" floats! She. Was. Thrilled. She could do it all by herself and keep her head above water! I have NEVER seen a 23 month old child swim like she's swimming in this video! And don't be fooled! Those floats only do so much! She had to tread water and learn to adjust her body to keep herself upright! You can tell how excited I am by my "shrill" voice in the background. I've had better voice days. :) I would have cut out the sound, but her voice in it is just too cute! Watch out Amanda Beard!

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  1. Wow she's better than Braedan!

  2. Holy cow! She's doing amazing!!! And what a party! Even the pup joined in! :) ( oh, and one of my cats is named Zoe and I call her ZoZo too. :)

  3. Wow she is doing amazing!!! Love the dog learning to swim too!!