Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Boy, aren't they a photogenic bunch! Braedan kept complaining that it was too bright outside, Danny was sweating from holding Zoey in this humidity (he's the one that chose to wear a long sleeved shirt!), and I was lucky Zoey was even looking at the camera in this shot, because she's not in any other one! But boy do I love them, and so thankful that my kids have such an awesome father! He is really hands on, always ready to play, and such a good example to them both. They (and I) are super lucky to have him!

And Happy Father's Day as well to my father-in-law even though I know he doesn't read this blog because I'm not sure he even knows how to log onto the internet, but I'm sure someone will pass the message along to him! :)

And to my dad, well, I'm definitely a daddy's girl. I could not say enough nice things about my dad. So I just won't say any of them. :) The quote that comes to mind when I think about my dad is

"A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be."

We joked about this quote earlier as it's so true! But it actually means more to me than just giving his money...he's very proud and happy to be the head of our family and does a great job at it. His screen savers at school are photos of his grandchildren and he is the first to brag about each and every one of them. I love nothing more than to make him proud, so I hope I have. Happy Father's Dad!


  1. Happy Father's Day - your hubby AND your father sound like amazing dads.

  2. Very cute photo of Daddy and his little ones! Isn't it wonderful to be surrounded by so many wonderful men? Happy Dads Day to them all. :)

  3. such a great photo of your loved ones!

  4. I guess I'll be that someone and let Gary know.
    Great picture!!