Friday, May 21, 2010

Facts Friday!

I decided to start a fun new post for every Friday, as you can see, called "Facts Friday". Got that? ;)

Let's just say it will be facts about...well, whatever I found interesting that week!

This week is all about Korean food. Specifically, Korean food for kids. In the form of, well, school lunches!

Here's some typical school lunch cuisine in Korea...

Lunch A looks like potato, kimchee, bean sprout soup, and kimchi chigae over rice.

Lunch B looks like seasoned squid, meat and potato curry, kimchee, and soybean paste soup with rice.

Lunch C looks like sliced radish with egg, mandoo (dumpling), kimchee, Deukboki (rice cake dish), rice and fish cake udon soup.

Pictured above are typical school lunches given to Korean school aged children. As you can see, all of the lunch trays include rice, soup, kimchee, and a Korean main dish of some sort. The kids eat their lunches with metal chopsticks, which is unlike American children who primarily eat finger foods (sandwich, chicken nuggets, pizza) for lunch.

When I was in Korea, I took a trip to the Flower Gardens. Gorgeous, to say the least! What I wish I had a picture of though was all the school children who were there on field trip eating their lunches out of bento type lunch boxes with their trainer chopsticks, squatting on the ground! So cute!

We have these and love them!

I'm sure their bento boxes were full of some of the items listed above! I actually had a pretty authentic homemade lunch that day too made by Rai's foster mom (MaryAnn and Aaron's son, whom I met up with while in Korea) and have vivid memories of it's deliciousness! I know she frequents my blog, so Mrs. L, if you're reading this, it was yummy!!! She even had freshly made pomegranate juice! Mmmm, makes my mouth water just thinkin' about it!

Let's just say that I don't think I would have had too hard of a time eating lunch if I had grown up there! My son would definitely starve, but I think Zoey would chow down right along with me!

How about you?

(Credit to Little Seouls Blog for pictures and description)


  1. The only thing I would have a hard time with is choosing lunch A or lunch B!!! I would choose this over my soggy tater tots and questionable hot dogs I had for school lunch anyday! :)

  2. I would have starved. Since I don't like rice, seafood or kimchi

  3. Yummy! We love our trainer chopsticks like that too.

  4. Yum! American school lunches have to be the worst in the world!

  5. Yummy sounds so good. We found a little place here and I'm thinking after your post I may need to go there tomorrow. Love the Friday facts idea!! Such a great post...I love hearing and learning more about Korea!!