Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just another day at the baseball field

I still wonder, "What did I do before having kids?!"

I spent many a night at ball fields across the country watching my husband play in the minors, but before having kids...

I definitely did not spend my weeknights at the T-ball field...

Yelling phrases like, "Run faster!" "Catch the Ball!" or "Go Mets!"

And I know I didn't congratulate players that struck out or let a ball slip through their legs simply for giving it a "Good try!"

I definitely did not chase around a tiny toddler who repeatedly tried to climb the fence...

Or giggle proudly when that said toddler balanced perfectly all the way across a ledge.

And I know I never tried to pretend it was someone else's kid who threw something onto the field.

Or watch curiously when she discovered smashing bugs was fun...

But I also know that before having kids, I didn't have these two little faces to come home to every night...

By the way, these little Mets are undefeated!


  1. Ah, nights at the ballfield-don't think that will end any time soon! But who could resist those adorable faces (and the antics of said toddler!!)

  2. How sweet! I love it - those faces are definitely adorable! Thanks for sharing!