Monday, March 1, 2010

Drum roll please...

lots of announcements today!

First, Happy TEN months home and NINETEEN months old Miss Zoey! I'll give you all the "low down" on her tomorrow, just wanted to give her a little shout out today! :)

Second, the puppies name is...SHILOH! Thanks for all the help deciding here and on Facebook too! I personally liked Stella slightly better, but got out voted in the final say tonight. :( Hubby voted Shiloh, Braedan voted Shiloh, I voted Stella and we went to Zoey to see if we would have a tie! She said, clear as day, "SHILOH!" So I got out voted three to one! Hopefully that trend doesn't continue!

I must say that she is the sweetest, easiest puppy! Not ONE potty accident in the house! Crazy! She goes on command each and every time I take her outside! I'm convinced she's just cold or hot (in Texas, that changes from minute to minute you know!) so she goes right away to get back inside! She'll wake up, eat and drink a little, play with the kids and I for about an hour or so, then plop down on her bottom and cry when she's tired. I set her in her laundry basket with a blanket and stuffed animal and she goes right to sleep! She sleeps about an hour or so and then gets up and starts the same thing all over again! Sweet, sweet puppy and oh so cute! She slept through the night last night in her crate and went potty in the corner on her puppy pad, so easy clean up for me in the morning! The kids just adore her and we have to watch Zoey so she doesn't squeeze her to death! She goes in for her first puppy checkup tomorrow and probably a few shots.

A family of SIX suits us well! (Including our 10 year old Beagle, Basset Hound, Border Collie that is still less than impressed with this new little "thing"!)


  1. You ALMOST make me want to get a dog!!!

    Seems like Zoey has been home forever... not just ten months!

  2. Happy 10 months and 19 month b-day, Zoey!! Have fun with that new little pup! :)

  3. Happy 10 months home and 19 months old Zoey!!! You new little fur baby is so adorable!!! Are you still being able to get in my blog?? Hope so and I am posted a new post right now so check it out when you can!