Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome our newest addition!

No, we're not pregnant and no we aren't in process again, but we did just add to our family this weekend! Check out our adorable new bagle! That's right, a half beagle, half basset hound! Isn't she too cute?!?!?!

A friend of my father's let him know that his beagle male and his basset hound female had a litter of twelve, that's right, TWELVE puppies five weeks ago! Two unfortunately didn't make it, but would he know anyone interested in one of the other ten? Uh, yah! We are the proud owners of a 10 year old beagle, basset hound, border collie, who I've had since high school. She's not really a huge kid fan so the kids (at least Braedan anyway) tend to stay out of her way. Zoey is such a dog lover and could not have been more thrilled to take a little visit to see all the puppies! All of the puppies had found homes except for three girls, and we chose the one that had a brown circle on the top of her head, just like her mommy, Dixie!

So here they are playing surrounded by puppies, puppies, puppies!

Here's Zoey following the mama around...

Just lovin' on more puppies!

Meeting my parent's dog for the first time (Our dog Molly is less than interested and has kept her distance since the puppy arrived home!).

Exploring her new backyard!

What a hard life this puppy has!

Pure delight! A boy and his dog! (And the W*almart commercial on in the background is pure coicendence! I do not either represent or advertise for them!).

So, our biggest issue...the name! So now that you've seen her, help us name her! We've narrowed it down to the following, so leave us a comment and give us your vote!

Shiloh (we know it's a boy name, but really like it, and it is her dad's name)
Dixie (her mom's name)


  1. So cute!!! I love the name Stella for her!!

    P.S. I think Shiloh is a girl name, personally!!!

  2. Very cute! B will be in heaven I'm sure. :) I vote Sadie for a name. It seems to fit that first picture the best.

  3. Oh my goodness -- seriously, one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen!! For some reason, I think Shiloh is my favorite of the names.

  4. Congrats on the new addition, Mommy!!! She is sooooo adorable! Ohhhh, and I think I vote for Stella. :)

  5. i think the last 3 sound like people names so i vote for #1 or 2. and for the record, i know a shiloh who is a girl.

  6. Very jealous! I tried to get Aaron to cave in to a puppy, but instead, convinced him to adopt again. She is certainly too cute! I love the name Shiloh! Nearly anything can be a girl's name!

  7. ohhhh how cute and adorable!! Makes me want a puppy!!