Friday, March 26, 2010

Papa, the Pool Boy and His Puppy

This is why I love Texas. It is just nearing the end of March and we are gearing up the pool to be swimming soon! It is still snowing in parts of the country! My dad's pool is his baby and since we just happen to live next door, we enjoy that baby often! Of course, there's a certain little grandson of his who enjoys helping! 70 degrees and sunny makes for a perfect afternoon of pool cleaning!

There is a gate that separates our yard from the pool, so this was the first glimpse the puppy had at what she seemed to think was a large drinking bowl! The water was too low for her to reach, but she would have been deterred rather quickly as the we have a salt filtration system and it tastes like the ocean! For whatever reason though, our other two dogs drink it all summer long when we're taking a swim! Eeew!

So here they are. Papa, the pool boy and his puppy.

And after all that hard work, this pool boy deserves a little dip of the feet into the cool water!

Check out that red hair!

And just because I know no one is against pictures of the cutest puppy in the world (besides my brother's puppy of course!), here are some new pics of Shiloh, now 7 lbs up from only 3 when we first brought her home! Doing well and enjoying being outside in this nice weather!

Looks like a show dog to me!!

And in case you're wondering, little Miss Zoey was sound asleep during this particular outing. You'd know if she were out there because there would be a lot less pics and a lot more of me holding her back from jumping in the pool! We usually only let her near the pool if we're actually going swimming, otherwise, she will try and jump in! The girl has no fear!


  1. Um, yeah, we're one of those getting snow (for the 2nd time in 3 days!)...Ugh! Jealous!!!

    Shiloh is absolutely the cutest little puppy ever. I'm such a sucker for puppies!!

  2. Wow I miss TX weather:( That sunshine and the pool looks wonderful!! Love all your pics and your puppy is too stinkin cute!

  3. Don't tell us about the weather!!!

    Your puppy is just the cutest.