Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For a rainy day...or a sunny one!

Hmmmm...what could you make with these ingredients?

How about rice cereal sushi! Start by unwrapping a box of flavored roll-ups. Any flavor will do! And lay them out flat. Then follow package instructions to make your favorite rice cereal treats.

Let the cereal mixture cool slightly (so it won't melt through your roll-up!) before plopping a scoopful in the center of your roll-ups.

Spray your hands with some non-stick spray and press flat like you would the rice for sushi.

Lay two of your favorite licorice sticks in the center to act as your "meat".

Using a sushi roller, roll her on up! Just as tight and round as you would a regular sushi roll! (If you don't have a sushi roller, you could just use clear plastic wrap and your bare hands, but it won't be nearly as pretty!)

And wah-lah! One down, the rest to go!

Once you have rolled each one, let them fully cool and allow the rice cereal treats to set.

Then, with a sharp serated knife, trim off the end to even out the roll, then start slicing about 1/2" rounds down the roll.

Arrange on a fancy plate, and there you have it, rice cereal sushi!

And while your at it, throw in something healthy with these ants on a log...celery stuffed with peanut butter and raisins as the ants.



  1. I'm so stealing that for next Lunar New Year! What a cute idea.

  2. I like that, did you create that yourself?