Friday, February 26, 2010

Got Shox?

Yesterday, I stopped by our local outlet malls to pick up some new shoes for my growing boy! They usually have pretty good deals on what would otherwise be ridiculously expensive kid shoes! Braedan wasn't with me, so I just picked out a pair and bought the next size up from what he wears now. When I pulled them out at home to show him, his response was, "Those shoes, AGAIN?!?!?" I realized there was a bit of a theme in the history of buying shoes for my boy but set out to prove him wrong! Let's just say it wasn't successful!

So I pulled out his "collection" and here is what I found...

N*ike Shox all the way down! SEVEN, that's right, SEVEN pair including yesterday's purchase! (He's only FOUR years old!) Why, I had no idea we "collected" Shox!

So, then I did what any mother would do...

And started a "collection" for Zoey too!