Thursday, May 26, 2011

Field Day!

It was a fun filled day for my little kindergartner on his Field Day!! This kind of stuff is right up his alley and he had a total blast! His class ended up getting first place for the kinder classes and they set a record for the most events won on a Field Day!!

Zoey totally thought she was part of the class and enjoyed bossing everyone around and "supervising" activities! What a little stinker, that girl!

I enjoyed chatting with a fellow adoptive mom who has THE cutest little girl in Braedan's class from China. So fun to make connections like this, and of course, a new friend!

Here's some fun pics from our day spent together!


  1. Gosh, your kids are adorable!! I never comment but I thought I would emerge for a moment to tell you how sweet your two are. :) We just had Field Day for my kindergartner - talk about hot, messy fun! I was exhausted, but I'm not sure the kids were even close to worn out.

  2. i love that they had the kids do water activities in their bathing suits, how fun!! all the kids at my niece's field day seemed rather bored because the activities were so "everyday"--nothing really exciting like field day should be!! i like the way you folks in texas do things!!!!

  3. Kim, your kiddos are so cute!