Thursday, May 19, 2011

And so it begins!

Paperwork, paperwork, and MORE paperwork! My hand is going to fall off!

But the important thing is we've completed everything we need to thus far!

Official application and service agreement with Holt...our homestudy packet, which includes references, tax statements, pictures, medical exams, criminal checks, the list goes on, but we're finally done and mailing it out tomorrow!

Our homestudy visit is scheduled for June 1st and though it is a different social worker, it's the same agency we used the first time and they have a pretty quick turnaround time to get it all completed and put it in Holt's hands!

Which is what we now need to complete Emersyn's acceptance packet to send on to Korea!

We are expecting at least a six month wait once our acceptance is in till travel, maybe longer.

We're getting a care package ready to send with friends from Austin who are going to Korea in about a week and it's been fun picking out some clothes and toys for her and putting together a photo album of our family!

She was transferred to a Seoul foster home last month, and will be in the Holt offices for her very first WBC (Well Baby Checkup) early next week and they've promised to take updated pictures! We cannot wait to see how much she's changed as the only pictures we have are from when she was very young.

It's still a little strange to say we now have THREE kids! But boy are we excited to have her here in our arms!

Braedan includes her in every prayer he says, and Zoey is now asking where her baby sister is!

We cannot wait to show off her cutie patootie face and we are praying that her transition to her new foster home is going smoothly...

And did I mention that shopping for TWO girls is so much better than one?!?!? (sorry about the bad photo, I took it on my phone!)

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  1. Ooooh, shopping for two girls will be FABULOUS!