Friday, November 12, 2010

Lunch with Brother.

Today we had lunch with brother at his school.

In case you didn't know, Zoey calls Braedan 'brother'!

It was pajama day at school after the holiday yesterday (good call!)
and things seemed pretty relaxed at school today.

Zoey showed her school spirit by rockin' her Wiederstein Elementary shirt
and her squishy face.

Now that I know how not a big deal it is to eat with your kindergartner
at lunch, we may do it more often!

(I admit, I was envisioning a nightmarishly loud room
sitting at a table with screaming kids that spewed food from their mouth
onto your food every time they tried talking to you!
But I was pleasantly surprised to see many other parents there
and we sat at our own little round table completely undisturbed
by the other students, except for the occasional hello from kids we know from church! The noise was indeed deafening, but it made my kindergartner's day!)


  1. aw, kindergarten is so much fun. once you hit the second grade, fun's over (at least at our school). love zoey's squishy face. :)

  2. pajama day? love it! adorable pics!