Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Second Date...

So I guess technically it wasn't really a date, but it was our second time meeting up with a fellow adoptive family and their perfectly adorable, hopefully our future son-in-law, Henry. :0)

He is a younger man by a few days and as we discovered at this last visit, just an inch or so shorter, but love is unconditional, right?!?! :0)

You might remember their first date back in October went pretty well if you ask me, so it's only appropriate they get together nine months later for a second one. :0)

It certainly had all the characteristics of a second date...

After all, Henry did a haircut first...

Zoey brought an appropriate chaperone...

She even got Henry to pose for some pictures (probably for her Facebook profile, people always want to know who you're dating, right?!?!)

There were a lot of jokes exchanged to relieve some of the nervousness...

There were a few tender moments between the two of them...

Henry was able to point her out in a crowd...

And even complimented her new shoes...

And of course, there was a nice little hug at the date's end!

Should I start making out a guest list or what?!?!?! :0)


  1. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What adorable photos! So nice to see the little ones together again. And that last photo is so adorable! What a hug! :)

  3. What an adorable couple! I love the photo of Henry checking out Zoey's shoes:-)

  4. So darling! Three cuties! KDjackie

  5. LOVE it, adorable! What cuties! Put a smile on my face this morning while I'm slowly freaking out... (:

  6. that is so cute! i remember henry from the holt bb. :)so neat to see how much he's grown as well.