Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Remember this?!?!

I posted this a year ago today and it's so amazing to see how much Zoey has grown! She walks nowhere now...only runs! I think it's pretty funny too that a year later, she still fits in that same outfit and actually wore it yesterday!

We have been busy having crazy fun with my niece and nephews that just moved back into town while their parents get them moved into their house...swimming, bowling, movies, Wii name it, we've done it this past week and and a half!

Family is definitely everything to us and we are definietly part of a great one!

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  1. That's so funny because Hannah's new 'thing' is to pretend to be a baby and recreate her first steps as she 'walks' to us then falls down. Hard to believe it's been a year-and I totally understand about the clothes!!