Friday, April 16, 2010

What a Croc!

After an uneventful rainy morning, the kids and I stepped out to run some errands and I thought I'd check the mail first. Imagine my surprise when I had a box waiting for me! After going through the adoption process, mail gets very exciting, and sometimes your brain forgets you are no longer waiting for an I600 approval! So once my brain caught up with my sight...I saw the return address...

And remembered that I had placed an order last week...

for these beauties!

After getting a "tip" from a fellow adoptive parent online, I knew I had to have these! I'm pretty much obsessed with Crocs. Own too many pair to admit and wear them every. single. day. I was only bummed because these particular Crocband Nation Korea Crocs weren't available in children sizes for my kiddos, who also love them some Crocs! So after becoming a fan on Facebook, I joined up with my other mommy friends who also wanted a pair of these for their kids, and requested they come in smaller sizes. Within days, Crocs responded back and told us to look for the children's sizes available in just a few weeks! So I've been stalking the site anxiously awaiting a new order!

Why do I love Crocs so much? The label says it all...

It's so true, they even translated it into Korean!

I love Korea!

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