Friday, April 23, 2010

Ring Ring!!

April 23, 2009

Today will be remembered forever! This morning, I woke up at 7:40am and went downstairs to make the dreaded phone call to DC. I was half asleep and went through the normal 1 for the main menu, press 0 to speak to a representative. I got "Hans" on the phone and promptly gave him Zoey's SEO number and name. He responded with, "The interview is scheduled for tomorrow at 1pm." To which I responded, "What?!?!? Are you serious?!?!?!" He laughed and assured me it was true. I thanked him as I hung up the phone and burst into tears! I called my husband right away and told him the news! I was in such shock I wasn't so sure I had heard the operator correctly! I hung up with my husband...I needed to call DC again to really verify what had been said! I got a woman this time and explained to her that I needed to hear it again! She was so sweet and confirmed what we had hoped - VI was indeed scheduled! She then commented how cute Seon-Mi is as her picture was now in the system.

I was now glued to my phone! I was preparing myself that the call could still take a few days. I dropped my son off at school and ran some errands, then went to pick up my husband for lunch. About two minutes from his work, the phone rang. I checked the caller ID. 541 area code. That was Oregon. At 11:55am, I pressed the answer key. "Hello?" I said excitedly. "Is this Kimberly ______?" she said. "Yes, is this Holt?!?!??"

"Yes, this is Sue with Holt and this is the call you've been waiting for. You're baby is ready for travel!"

A huge sigh of relief for me and a little more tears! I told her how excited I was that my husband and I got the call together and she asked me if I was driving. I told her yes and she promptly asked me to pull over! We finished the conversation with all the details and I was to get back in touch with her upon making all my travel plans.

On the way home, I called everyone! My dad was in a very important meeting, but still got teary eyed as I told him, my brother was at work and immediately called his wife, my oldest sister was picking up her son and started crying at school as people walked by and asked her if everything was okay! And my mom knew the minute the secretary at her school called down to her classroom to tell her I needed to speak with her and she picked up the phone already in tears! As soon as the words "Travel call!" came out of my mouth, she started screaming!

We told Braedan as soon as we picked him up from school. I asked him, "Who's in Korea?" and he said, "Zoey!" As soon as he knew I was going, he changed the subject and started talking about a prize he had won at school! That was about the attention span I had expected from a three year old!

What a day this has been so far. What a wonderful end to a long wait and what a beautiful start we have to look forward to as our family will be together! I am coming Seon-Mi! I am finally coming for you!

Happy Travel Call Day Zoey!


  1. Tears! What an awesome story. I can't wait for my own TC!

  2. I got teary too as I read your description of the joy and excitement! It certainly is a memory that you'll cherish forever!!

  3. I remember that day!!!!! Happy TC day!!!!

    On a side note, I sure do wish Briar would keep sunglasses on like Zoey does!!!

  4. Whew! What an amazing call that is to get! Happy Travel Call day!!!

  5. Yay Happy TC day!!! Hannah has those same glasses--too cute!

  6. What a wonderful day!!!! Great memories.