Thursday, April 15, 2010

Confessions of a Busy Mama...

So, clearly, I did not make my three posts a week goal last week! But I have good reason! I am one busy mama! It seems like our schedule lately has been even more insane than normal, if that's even possible! I must confess, there are things we should have taken care of months ago and have yet to get to it on the list! So I thought by "confessing" what they were publicly, it might get the ball rolling?!?!? Let's see...

1. Well, for starters, I just finished our taxes a few minutes before writing this post! I never wait till the last minute, and you would think I would have had those finished much, much earlier, as we were able to get the adoption tax credit this year! But oh no, I literally waited till the last hour and have been slowly entering information over the past several weeks when I had time! Phew! Glad those are filed!

2. Somehow, I found the time to complete two 30 hour real estate home study courses that included about 20 quizzes each and then two finals. All of which I had to complete from home, on the computer while being timed while my kids attempted to play "quietly" in the next room! It was not easy, but I am now relicensed as a realtor after taking a nearly year break to be home with Zoey. I have been actively searching for a home for my sister and her family who are moving back to town this summer!

3. I am a youth leader for the girls program at my church and while I really love this calling, it definetly keeps me busy! We usually have activities every Tuesday night in addition to our Sunday obligations. Last weekend, we had a conference Saturday morning and there are many more activities that will keep us busy all summer! Because my hubby is at school on Tuesday nights, the kids usually enjoy some nana and papa time till we're both home.

4. Baseball season is here! Braedan usually has two games a week plus a practice night and with his dad as one of the coaches, it definetly puts us at the ball field a couple times a week! Braedan really enjoys it and is doing very well and Zoey loves being outside, so it's usually a fun outing. My brother-in-law also plays for our local high school, where Danny and I actually attended, and we are there as often as we can be as well! This past month, we were at the ball field four nights in the same week!

5. And after finalizing Zoey's adoption last November, we have yet to change her name on her SS card! We went ahead and filed for one when she arrived home for insurance purposes in her Korean name, and once her adoption is finalized, it takes an additional trip down to the SS office to change her name to her American one. It's not a huge deal that I haven't done it yet, in fact, it's still hilarious to me to receive voice mails and have the nurses at the doctor's office butcher her Korean name! You should hear some of the ways others have pronounced it! We also have yet to file for her COC. Oy! I'm definetly behind on that!

6. We are still on the bottle. Yup, my 20 month old still takes 6-8 ounces of warm whole milk in a good 'ole Dr. Brown's bottle sometimes up to three times a day. This again, is not a huge concern for me as little Miss Busy rarely sits still all day and bottle time has proven to be a relaxing, bonding time we still get to have as well as a rare opportunity to hold her while she's still! Bottle weaning is something we hope to have done though very soon!

7. My house is a mess! There is no one room in my house right now that is completely clean! With everything that's been going on, laundry and toy organizing is put on the bottom of the list! Now, don't go calling CPS, we're sanitary! We are just cluttered to the max and I'm seriously considering just moving and starting all over, because it might be easier!

8. Well, we pretty much run a pet store! So in addition to my two charming kiddos, we also have a bunny and two dogs! (Three dogs if you count my parent's dog, who thinks he lives at our house as well!) That makes for a lot of poopy diapers, carpet cleaning and cage changing! I literally feel like all I do some days is clean up poop and feed one animal after another (I'd be counting my children as animals in this instance!)! I go from making PB&J sandwiches for the kids, to chopping lettuce and carrots for the bunny, to mixing puppy chow and dog food for the canines! There are several days I don't realize till nap time that I haven't eaten anything myself!

9. The Etsy store. Though our sales have been a little slower lately, we're still always trying to come up with new ideas and products and that takes work. And when an order does come in, it's time to get busy! A dress that would usually take a few hours get drawn out over several days with two kids at home! And with my sister moving, we've decided to close down the shop temporarily and hopefully come back with some great products once she's settled and I find a little more time!

10. The parties. Yes, that's plural parties. In just a few short weeks, my son is turning five, then the day after is Zoey's first Gotcha Day, and then the day after that is my son's big birthday party! That's three cakes, three special days and lots of planning! Let's just say that I have many more things to do!

So, if you're still reading, there you have it. I could probably go on and on with the pile of things going on in our lives, but really, who couldn't?!?!? I'm certainly not the only busy mama! But I am definetly a blessed one! And even on my busiest, most stressful day, I am glad to have my life full of the things I do, especially those two little munchkins, even if they have discovered fighting with one another! I wouldn't change it one bit, (well, excpet maybe add a maid or two!) and one of these days I'll look back at this time and say, "Oh, that was nothin'!" But until then, I'll just continue to do my best!

Now, back to the "To Do" list!!


  1. Wow you are a very very busy mama!! Made me tired just thinking about it all-lol.

  2. Love the pink background!
    Thanks for the reminder about social security. We got Ty's passport a couple weeks ago and I keep forgetting I have to go to the SS office again. Actually, I'm probably avoiding. It was a nightmare last time.
    Ummm...there is never, at any given time, a room in my house that is completely clean so don't feel bad.
    Happy Birthday, B, and Gotcha Day, Z!
    PJ's birthday is near Ty's Airplane Day too.

  3. Whew!! I'm exhausted just reading this! (and Little Miss Zoey is not the only one....Noah is now almost 22 months and still gets two bottles a day. They make him happy and comfort him, so I'm in no rush to take them away. :)