Thursday, September 3, 2009

It'll only hurt for a minute...

Well, yesterday Braedan had his four year old shots and he was less than thrilled about it. To be exact, he came out with the most blood-curdling scream I have ever heard in my whole life and the entire pediatrician's office heard it as well. I wouldn't doubt that people got up and left the waiting room for fear they were torturing children in the back room. I believe he has gone two full years since his last shots and they have been a blissful two years for him! He had four in total and it did not go well. I insisted the sticks would only hurt for a minute, but I knew he would be sore for several days and of course, running a fever is not uncommon. He was very pleased after being carried around all afternoon that he was finally able to walk again! He was convinced it was a miracle!

Zoey was actually scheduled first but because of some paperwork issues (long story) they had to reschedule her for this morning. Braedan had no problem staying with his Papa who was home today, and was grateful to not have to go back! But he was quite concerned for Zoey and kept asking over and over if she had to get shots too. Well, if my hubby and I had thought ahead, we would've taken Zoey out of the room while Braedan was getting his shots. Unfortunately, we didn't and she recognized the same nurse and immediately started to scream. I thought about holding off until next time, but they had already drawn them up and she cried when the doctor looked at her wrong, so I knew it was a lost cause trying to make this experience more positive for her. It didn't help that she was overdue for her morning nap too so things just weren't looking good for her.

But both kids have yet to spike fevers and are now sleeping peacefully. Braedan is our big boy at 41 1/2 lbs and 3'6" tall! That 75th percentile! Zoey is not far behind him at 21.5 lbs and 29 3/4 inches tall. She is now at around 50th percentile for both which is amazing considering she was never over 10th percentile while in Korea!! I guess we're feeding both of them well!

Zoey still struggles with her eczema and we're still trying our best to keep it under control, but have not yet found the magic combination of body wash and lotions to make it more comfortable. The doctor did give her stronger hydrocortisone cream and suggested we switch to Eucerin cream rather than the Aveeno we have been using. The really inflamed areas are starting to discolor pretty badly and some of the areas are scabbing over too. We know it can't be comfortable for her and may have some to due with her sleeping issues she has had in the past.

But all in all, my kids are healthy and cute as can be and I can't complain about that! Shots are over for now and we're hoping to have a long, fun weekend!

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