Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 Months Home and 14 Months Old!

Wow! Time flies, doesn't it?!?!? Hard to believe. We still have yet to reach the same number of months home that she was in Korea, but it still feels like she's been here all along! What can I say? Another month of joy! I will admit that the adjustment from one (very high maintenance!) child to two, has been a big jump for us, but we are more than happy to go along for the ride! Zoey is just a ball of energy and into everything she can get her hands on! Her new trick is getting tops off markers and pens and writing on her, the window seals, the dogs and the couch. She's very good at hiding when she's into something too, and unless you're watching her like a hawk, she's marked red ink all over your white pillow before you can even blink. She is also into climbing. On everything. Chairs, the couch, you name it, she'll climb it. Even if it's not meant to be climbed! She loves to play outdoors and attempt everything her brother does. She's very stubborn and strong willed and does not wait for anything! If she's hungry, you better have a snack in your pocket, and if she's tired, the bottle better be warm and ready to go, or you're in for a real treat of a temper tantrum! My hubby says that her personality reminds him of someone else he knows, but I just can't figure out he's talking about!!! :) Sleeping has become much, much better around here. There are now nights we don't hear a peep from either kiddo all night, last night included!! We still have our rough nights, but who doesn't? She is very healthy and her eczema is under control. She still gets flair ups and raw skin and has some discoloration on her arms that may or may not go away. Her hair is crazy as usual and hard to keep out of her face, but growing quickly, so hopefully will become more manageable. She is repeating words very well and even picked up a new "head banging" dance that is absolutely hilarious! Our last post placement visit will be at the end of the month and then the finalization process begins!! We're hoping to have all of that completed by the end of the year, where she will officially be ours forever!

And this has got to be one of the funniest videos yet!! I have no idea where she got the idea this was dancing, but she rocks it!! Her fussin' in between is because she was eating one of her favorites, rice porridge and wanted more! Don't worry, I was sneaking her bites in between dance moves! The music playing is in Korean, so don't be surprised that you can't understand it!


  1. Growing up so fast! She is so adorable and you can just tell how sweet she is even from pics! I so wish our girls and us could meet maybe one day!

  2. I totaly remember that first song. Not that I could sing it, but I think we learned it at school