Saturday, April 2, 2011

Play Ball!

Braedan's first tball game of the season was today and they won! And of course, he did fantastically well and had a lot of fun, but still his favorite part of it all is getting a snow cone afterward! He was definitely itching for an extracurricular activity and he loves playing baseball! It is so fun to see how far he has come after playing the last two years and if he's anything like his daddy, there will many more years of the ball field to come!

His team decided to put last names on the back of their jerseys this year instead of only first names, and since I don't usually share our last name online, you may think his photoshopped jersey looks a little strange!

And of course, a big hug for brother after the game!!


  1. super duper cute!!!! and, i'm loving the green grass. ;O) will he have any games while we're there or are they just on the weekend? it would be so fun to see him play!

  2. i love the new header! great photos, too.