Friday, April 29, 2011

Look Who's Six!!

Braedan woke up ready for his big day and is so happy to be finally be six! (this kid has been talking about his birthday since Christmas!)

He thinks he woke up much larger than yesterday, including his biceps!

He was pretty darn excited when the answer to his question of "do I get to open presents today" was a yes!

I cannot believe that my sweet, sweet boy is now six years old!

We headed to his school to eat lunch with the birthday boy and drop off cupcakes for his class...I was informed after school that he was not thrilled with my selection of farm animal cupcake toppers...guess at age six, these things start to matter!

Everyone knew it was his birthday today, I wonder how?!?!?

Even sister was excited to hear the words cake and presents!

After a little dinner at Chilis and a little birthday song and dessert from the waitors...

It was finally time to get to the gifts!

Braedan has the most expressive face I ever seen and these pictures just about cover the range of his emotions as he unwrapped wish after wish!

And may I just take a moment to brag a little by showing off his new Lego Ninjago Dragon that he put together all. by. himself. Pretty darn impressive if you ask me! This boy is an absolute genius when it comes to things like this!

Ah, I must admit...I am one very, very lucky mama that this little boy made his way into my life six years ago...and I love him with all my heart.


  1. happy birthday buddy! those are some mighty big muscles! and that is one cool shirt! :)

  2. he is so cute! happy birthday, braedan! and i'm cracking up at his disapproval of your cupcakes ;)