Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Reunited and it feels so good..."

This is how Zoey's day ended...
so how did it begin?

Well, it began at the Snake Farm right up the highway from us, where we were able to meet up with MaryAnn and Rai! You may remember that we became acquaintences on the Holt Adoption Forums, then received our travel calls near each other and even though we live in the same state, met in real life in Korea while picking up our babies! We haven't seen them since so it was so nice to have this visit and reunite the kids, who, as you can see above, hit if off nicely! :0)

Braedan checked out the baby crocs...

while Zoey strutted her stuff in her new shirt!
(Isn't that tiny button up adorable?)

Then she checked out the mini horse...

and then hopped over to show her daddy something.

All three kids found something back there of interest...

while Braedan stared intensely at the long horn...

and showed Rai the huge crocodile!

Then we pet and fed some sheep, or goats, or whatever these are!

while also saying hi to the pot belly pig and chicken!

This goat loved all the attention...

but we didn't discriminate while saying hi to the wallaby too!

Rai liked hanging with his new buddy Braedan...

and then somehow all stood perfectly in this line to get this picture!

Rai and Zoey took a little rest and chatted...

and Braedan was a great big brother to both of them!

The toddlers investigated something under this trailer...

before Rai decided to give Zoey a little hug!
(Which she looks a little unsure about!)

She went for the high five instead!
(Or low five in this case!)

The three of them became quick friends...

before saying one last goodbye!

I am so happy to have wonderful connections like this in the adoption community and hope that one day Rai and Zoey, as well as the other kids she has had the opportunity to meet, who were also adopted from Korea, can keep lasting friendships! I never knew any other Korean adoptees growing up outside my family, so this is so special for me to have these friendships in our lives! MaryAnn, Aaron, Rai, Zoey and I shared some wonderful times in Korea that I will never forget! We are so happy they are our friends!!

And watch out Henry, Rai may be trying to move in on your girlfriend!


  1. They are too cute together!!!!! Zoey and Rai make a beautiful couple. How great that all three of them got along so well.

  2. i totally remember rai from the boards. they are just too adorable!

  3. That's awesome...looks like they all had a great time!!

  4. Panda bear room Rai right? Totally remember him too. Or at least his room.:) (musicalmommy)I love seeing kids from the boards together.