Friday, July 1, 2011

One Month Closer!

I'm really not sure how it's July already, but I'll take it!!

That means we're one month closer to getting Emersyn home!

July is a big month for her and she could use a little extra prayer!

She's healing from a burn, she is scheduled for an MRI and in 15 days, she will be a one year old!

We're not sure how bad the burn is...if it hasn't fully healed by next month's WBC, they'll probably snap a pic or two to show a walking 11 month old might do, she decided to play with the hot side of a water dispenser at a restaurant and burnt her forearm. :(

We're not sure when her MRI is scheduled, but she'll need to be under general anesthesia, which is always scary, and we'll be praying extra hard that everything goes smoothly...she is doing just fine, but they want to run this test to rule out any further medical complications.

And in 15 short days, my youngest daughter will be one!!

When we accepted Emersyn's referral, we knew this was a milestone we would miss...I will admit that it's a tougher pill to swallow as we approach her special day, but I know that in my heart, she was meant to spend her first birthday in Korea. She is being well taken care of, she is in the country of her birth and will have a traditional Korean Tol Party, which is a pretty big deal in Korea!

This is the month of both my girl's birthdays, and I am always thinking of this month as particularly hard on their birth mothers. I ask that you pray for them as well...

So when will she be home?

We would like to know the same thing!

There are just so many unknowns at this moment that it's so hard to predict. But with EP numbers running low and many families still waiting with acceptances long before ours, it is likely that we will at least be waiting till after the first of the year, maybe longer, to be submitted for EP. At best, we would travel in February, but honestly, we are just not sure. The Korean Government is making a lot of changes and we cannot predict how that will affect those in process right now.

All we can say is we would appreciate your prayers! For us, and for all the other families waiting to bring their precious babies home! We have been blessed to bring Emersyn into our family, and while the wait is and will get incredibly difficult, we know that the ultimate reward is having her here, no matter how long the wait, and no matter what age she is...

and lots to update on my two older kiddos, coming in a later post!! Yes, they are still alive!!

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  1. I hope Emersyn's arm is okay and hope the MRI shows nothing. Looking forward to seeing more updated photos of your little cutie pie :)