Wednesday, June 15, 2011


*Lunch with a fellow adoptee and soon to be adoptive parent: $8.65 {bee bim bop, of *course!}
*Three hour conversation during which we both received emails with our acceptance paperwork: $30 {the price per month for internet on my phone!}
*The hurried trip home to print it all out and get started: $3.49 {yes, our gas has gone down a bit!}
*The 60+ copies needed to complete the packet: free! {my mom has a prepaid copy card for 500 copies for some reason!}
*The cashier's check fee to Holt International: $3 {we won't go into the actual amount of the check!}
*The cost to overnight the .85lbs of paper to Eugene, OR: $58.89
{Yes, this is the actual amount of paperwork!}

*Getting one step closer to having our sweet new daughter home with her forever family: Priceless.

Happy 11 months old today sweet Emersyn!
We love you, miss you and pray that these months pass quickly to get you home!

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