Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Toof-less Boy

Yesterday, Braedan had a little dental procedure...

Which included the pulling of FOUR of his teeth!


I knew that it was possible they would pull at least one, but imagine my surprise when the dentist came out and handed me four!

WARNING: Next picture shows the gnarley teeth, so beware!

They pulled the other of his top front tooth, his two bottom front teeth and the gnarliest looking molar I have seen!

Check this sucker out! Root and all!

The staff was fabulous though and he came out of anesthesia quite nicely (especially compared to the boy in the other room who screaming like a banchee and trying to rip his IV out! Yowsa!)
He was quite ready to get home and as always, there's nothing a little Happy Meal won't fix...he hadn't eaten since 10pm the night before and we didn't get home till 2:30pm.
He's quite the trooper.

So after lazing around on the couch the rest of the day, he got ready for bed by pulling out his tooth fairy pillow.

And counted them one by one...

that's right! The tooth fairy would have four to pick up tonight!

I've never seen anyone happier to lose four teeth!

He made sure to tuck it under his pillow nice and snug...

and wasn't sure if he could help from peaking if she came before he fell asleep.

Let's just say he discovered she had come at 1:30 in the morning and immediately ran into our room to tell us! It took him a while to calm down, go back to his room and fall asleep, but when he woke back up, he had not forgotten! This "toof-fairy" as he now pronounces it with a few less teeth, was quite generous and he has informed me that there needs to be a trip to Toys R Us as soon as I pick him up from school today!

He deserves it! He may have that window for quite some time!

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  1. Your little Brendan makes me giggle, and so does this post. =) Lucky for him that he got so much from his toof-fairy. Losing four teeth all at the same time is a no-joke. Therefore, he deserves a BIG reward!