Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big and Little

Zoey's great grandmother (or Froggy Grandma as we call her at our house!) sent her this adorable book for her birthday! She absolutely loves it! We read it every day, sometimes 10 times a day, and sometimes I actually have to distract her and hide the book to get a little break from reading it! She has memorized it and will sit on her own sometimes and read it to herself knowing exactly which words go with each picture! I had to get her on video doing it! I wish I had her reaction the first time we read it...she laughed so hard she could barely breathe! So here she is enjoying her now favorite book (Bi-bim-bop, or just "Bop" as she calls it, moves into second place now that she has this one). You can hear her saying some of the phrases before I do as she has it so memorized!

It's called Big and Little by John Stadler, but Zoey calls it "Ta-dah!" and you'll see why when you watch the video. :0)

And on a side note...Happy belated 84th birthday to Froggy Grandma! We love you! And thank you for this fantastic book!

I may just have to do another giveaway soon with this one!


  1. That was so darn sweet! She is speaking so well! I loved the "oh my" and the "ta da!" And gotta tell you....Noah has been obsessed with Bi-bim-bop ever since we got it from you. I should have known he'd love it since he's obsessed with cooking. :)

  2. I just showed this to Grandma and she said that it was very cute and Zoey is too! I agree 100%

  3. Just too cute; glad you got it on video! And she seems to be talking really well-that's our goal too!

  4. So sweet!!! I love her sweet little voice!!