Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Special Weekend

This past weekend we had the opportunity to hold a special church ceremony and have Zoey blessed! My sister flew in from up north with the dress she and her mother in-law had made for Zoey to wear. It. Is. Beautiful. As usual, we had a wonderful time and even a little Korean food! (And some cake, of course!) Here's some pictures from our special weekend!

Lovin' on Aunt Lara, my sister.

Giggling with Papa, my dad.

Hanging out with Cousins Emma and Christopher.

My sisters and brother.

My parents.

My entire family with some dear friends.


  1. What a special event. I love all the pics...everyone looks so beautiful!

  2. WAHOOO!!! What a gorgeous little girl! Congrats!

  3. Gorgeous dress! Would love to hear more about your special day... E-mail me!!!

    Congratulations on your beautiful forever family!