Friday, November 6, 2009

Dog and Duckie

Braedan has carried around this white stuffed dog since he was about a year old. It was a gift from Danny to me for a Valentine's Day in high school! One day Braedan just picked it up and has carried it around ever since. He named it "Dog". He sleeps with it, watches movies with it, takes it to church, and it occasionally has to go to the store with us. It gets washed often and has had many, many repairs. We hope it makes it a few more years! I can't tell you how often we couldn't find it or thought we left it at our last destination. So I guess Zoey picked up on this and started carrying around this yellow blanket that we call Duckie as it has duck patterns and two appliqued ducks on the corner. It was actually a baby blanket we used for Braedan. She insists on having it when she gets in and out of the crib and cries hysterically (I can actually hear her now!) when Daddy takes it away from her for bath time. It gets dragged through dog hair, water, dirt and we have to wash it pretty often too! She will often lay it on the ground and then lay down on top of and pretend she's going to sleep. I'm not too surprised by either of these "lovies" as they're sometimes called, it's really just pay back for the years I sucked my thumb and carried around my dad's old shirts. We won't go into how long that lasted, I just hope it's not the same for my two kids!

On this day, she even needed it while she ate grapes in her high chair! She cried when I tried to take it away from her and this was the face of one happy girl when I handed it back!


  1. You failed to mention that not only did you carry around his shirts, but you shoved the collar up your nose while sucking your thumb

  2. Thank you Tara. Those were the details I failed to mention on purpose. :) I'm going to make my blog private and not invite and my siblings!!

  3. I remember one Mutual activity where Braedan handed me the dog and we were playing with it. I love those kids! :) -Lindsey M.