Monday, April 27, 2009

Words Cannot Describe...

Here she is! Miss Zoey Seon-Mi! This entire day has been full of emotion, but I can finally say, I have met my daughter! And she is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined! She is wearing two different outfits because she spit up a little on the yellow one. She's much smaller than I thought she would be and even cuter! She's got a head full of hair and today was the first day she wore bows and she didn't pull them out!
I am so thankful to her foster mother for the wonderful care she has taken in raising Seon-Mi. There is a strong bond between the two of them and she loves her very much!
The meeting did not quite go as well as we had all hoped though. The pictures above are the few times she allowed me to hold her and she had skipped her afternoon nap to come meet me today. I learned a lot about her personality from her foster mother and let's just say, if she's tired and cranky, don't mess with her! She's just like her mommy! Because the meeting was not what we had hoped for, Mrs. Lee asked me to come back tomorrow for another visit before handing her over on Wednesday. I was not scheduled to meet with her tomorrow. So the foster mother was instructed to give her an early nap and bring plenty of snacks and we'll try again at 4pm Tuesday afternoon. It is clear that she is very attached to her foster mother and her transition will not be easy. I am optimistic about the future though and know it will take a lot of time and effort and we're fully prepared for it. Most of the pictures include the foster mother, so this is all I could share to protect her privacy, but will hopefully have more at tomorrow's meeting - I still have yet to see her smile! I was told she is VERY shy and independent, so today's meeting was quite overwhelming for her. She is still everything I ever hoped for and I love her so much!

Jet lag has really set in tonight, but I was fortunate enough to be invited along with Maryann and Aaron's son, Rai's, foster mother who is just about the greatest character I will ever have the opportunity to meet! She drove us (holding on for dear life!) down to the Korea House for dinner at an amazing authentic, sit on the floor, Korean restaurant that was delicious! And afterward, treated us to a live performance at the Korean House, which was amazing! No pictures allowed, so I'll just have to keep the memories! The entire night gave Maryann and Aaron an opportunity to spend more time with Rai, who is such a cutie and a real firecracker! It is great to see them with their new son.

Tomorrow is a full day once again and we head out at 9am for the City Tour and will be dropped off at one of the markets for some shopping. I then will travel back to Holt for our second meeting and at 5pm will be taken by taxi to Eastern Social Welfare Society as I have an appointment with one of the post adoption specialists. Wednesday, we're scheduled to hang out with Rai's foster mother again and then will pick up our babies that afternoon for good!

In just the few days I have been here, I have fallen in love with Korea and want to live here forever! I love walking down the street where no one notices me, I'm just another Korean to them! It's the most amazing feeling and one that I never thougtht I'd have or care to have! I am truly blessed as an American citizen, but returning to the country of my birth has made me feel I belong. I love just getting lost in the crowd...

I am beyond exhausted physically and emotionally and hope to get a good night rest tonight. I ask that you all keep Seon-Mi, Rai, Maryann, Aaron and I in your thoughts and prayers as we all prepare to make one of the biggest changes in our lives. I pray that Rai's and Seon-Mi's transition will be smooth, and that their foster mother's can find joy and peace in their love and service for these beautiful children.


  1. Kim,
    What a great experience you're having. Words cannot express the pain we felt when we took Ty from his foster family. Both parents came for the day of pick up. I'll be praying that you can have peace about it...especially since you'll be alone. Thank God for maryann and aaron. It sounds like you guys are fast friends! I'll also be praying for Zoey's quick adjustment and attachment to you. It's heartbreaking to watch the kids grieve their foster family. Thanks for blogging and sharing your adventure.

  2. Congrats. She's beautiful! I think things will be better when you have her all to yourself. She's like Eddie who won't cuddlle anyone else, if I'm in the room-especially when he's tired.

  3. I was thinking. I know it's hard that she prefers her foster mom over you right now, but it means that she's been loved. Also, you look really pretty in the pics too. Being the mom-of-2 suits you.

  4. Kim,
    She is beautiful! I'm hoping the naps and snacks will make a big difference for Zoey. It did for Annie.

  5. Oh my goodness Kim! She is just so precious!!! Love all the pictures- keep em coming!!!

    Hope you are catching up on some sleep right now!

  6. Aww it is awesome to see you with her!! She is adorable!! Congrats!!

  7. She is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is hard. But so worth it! She is yours forever and her love will grow and grow everyday. You look fantastic too!

  8. Oh, Kim she is absolutely beautiful! I am so glad you went to Korea, I have to say that is one thing I regret not doing. Have a great time during the rest of your trip and I can't wait to see more pictures : )